Fritz The Cat: The Original South Park…. And Furries film


Fritz the Cat, The first X-Rated Animated film. Behind all the pornographic scenes, the drug filled animation, and crude humor, behind it is a very strong social commentary, some true till this day. Commentary on Race, Cop abuse, Americans obsession with Drugs,  Sex, Violence, and a need to always have fun. To top it off, it even points out the funny negative stereotypes we see with Millennials, and the ignorance with people who suffer from closeted racism/Hate……

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Ugly Sweater Day

Has your cat ever given you the look that he is planning your death? We had created a meme from the day Tamika dressed our cat in the ugly sweater day. His reaction? priceless. What do you think he is about to say??

ugly sweater day
Ugly Sweater Day

Bored Selfie! – Alexis

Our catdog created a selfie while chilling in the house. Apparently being a cat dog is not always as interesting as it seems. Or is it just to gain more attention? What do you think?

Carter taking a selfie while being bored in bed