Meow The Jeweles Appreciation


A great music video on the great music from Run the Jeweles. Made by Cyriak. Ive mentioned more than enough on the great music they’ve made. The way the incorporated everyday Cat sounds into music instrumental really is something to praise.  Same enough praise should be given to this video. Compliments to the visual gold, and effort put into these videos. Something that both enhances, and molds well with the music being shown. Both Cyriak and RtheJ are both separate artists. One making great visuals, and the other making cool rap music.


Music Video, and credit fully in link

Cat Shoutout: Another Sunny Day in Phili


Yet another shoutout to Sunny in Philadelphia. This time around its a spoof they did on those cheesy (But gold) infomorcials you’ll see late-late nights. It’s a very “Tim and Eric” Meets “Chia Pet”. The gang this time around are coming up with yet another “Get rich scheme”. Charlie (Who’s a cat enthusiast) comes up with the great idea of doing a commercial for mittens for your cat. Mittens that’ll block out loud sounds they make. Funny episode, and a scene you can watch on youtube. Link right here