A Cat, “armed with gun”

According to report from the Newport Oregon Police Department at April 26 1:00 pm, they received a report stated that someone saw a cat holding a gun on a tree and seems to be danger to people. In the report, “Armed with gun” cat sounded like a main point of the report. Therefore, the police department immediately sent their dog to check out and got touch with the cat; finally, they found out that the “gun” was just a branch of the tree. The head of the police department post a report on the department Facebook page saying that they gave the cat a verbal warning for misleading people, about “pretending” an assault with rifle when it didn’t wear the camouflage suit.

The innocent cat didn’t have any thing in its paw except the tree branch, but it was treated unjustly from getting a wrong report and had to face a stranger dog.

However, it did look like “armed with gun” on the tree from the photo, LOL…It’s a funny mistake


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