Aoshima Island: The Cat Island

If you’re like me, You like Cats. And some day you secretly wish that Cats will dominate over the human species…. Yes you do. Search your feelings. Let them guide us to the righteous path. Well with this certain island we’re one step closer to this beautiful future…..

Aoshima Island is one of the MANY Cat island in Japan.  ONE of the many. As if one wasnt enough. The cats in this specific island outnumber the human residents 6 to 1. So Humans are in OUR territory.  Its no question that Cats rule the streets in that place, but otherwise its a great vacation spot. And its something really popular online with people. The island was once a normal island home to abut 900 residents in the 40s. But nowadays its mostly just a few people left from that time, and mostly visitors checking out the place. Known as the Cat Island, Its a Home to no cars, but a daily ferry will run to take people. Cats were brought to rid of rat invasion Shoutout to Kei Nomiyama who Provided to alot of the cute pictures you see of the island.

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