Black Cat Superstition

The Superstition behind Black Cats goes back Centuries ago…..

and varies from culture to culture. When in Ancient Egypt and other places Cats were considered as good luck. In the Middle Ages in Europe. Around the middle Ages, they started to be associated with witches, Old Women, and anything involving poor. Paranoid people started to stereotype your average Black Cat living with only Witches, and Cats who will roam the night. One such myth was that Witches would turn into a Black Cat. Years later, in places like Ireland and England Black cats are looked as Good luck. But the stereotype of them being bad, somehow stood by with America. The paranoia is not a strong as centuries ago, but that wrongful idea somehow is still there. It’s not hard to find a religious person who still believes in this. But similar to Black Cats, anything involving magic, Broken mirrors and The Color black still exists for some folk. Nowadays for the Majority of American Society etc. Black Cats being associated with Magic is taken more of a satire. You see it in old movies and media etc nobody really believes it.

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