Box stigma – Alexis

Kendra Moore’s picture that went viral, taken by Julia & Leland

By the middle of April Kendra Moore from 91.5 The Beat posted on The Beat’s Facebook page a photo she found on the internet. This funny picture went instantly viral on social media making it an instant hit. This aroused the curiosity of millions of people and starting doing their own little experiments. Interestingly enough, people even did it on other animals to see what the outcome would be.

@prograpslady MY DOG IS A CAT

But the question remains, why do cats do that? According to an article in cats like to squeeze into small spaces where they feel much safer and more secure, instead of being exposed to the possible danger of wide open spaces. Therefore, a virtual box made of tape may provide some misplaced sense of security and psychosomatic comfort.

Studies and research have found that boxes give a sense of shelter, comfort, and security to cats. Also that cats with boxes adapt to their environment more easily than those without, especially in elevated locations where they can keep an eye on their whole surroundings.

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