Bruce Lee and Cats…..

The Way of the Dragon 1972: Great film, and it has the fight of the century…. Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee. The possible conclusion of the very heated argument of who would really win a fight The DRAGON or the BEARDED TEXAS RANGER…. But the deeper question on everybodys mind is what was the deal with the Cat Refereeing the epic fight?

Now if you are a big Bruce Lee fan (Maybe not as much as me) you’ve probably come across to “The way of the dragon” film. Or maybe you like Norris…Or cats… Or maybe I should stop assuming things and just get to the point? Chances are you know about the film or any other guys Norris and Lee. if not you can check out the great fight here.  See anything cute? The cat… But why is it there? Whats the importance other than to get a laugh? The fight itself… In martial arts standard, Action standards… its a well directed fight. With GREAT emotion from both guys, acting and story telling. The film builds up to our hero Lee who has to fight the most talked about action assassin Chuck Norris. Taking place in the colosseum in rome, as if it we’rent epic enough.

But back to the cat. Upon doing research I found out that originally the Cat’s purpose served to recite everything Lee was doing. In the form of an animal. Whenever Lee will play with his opponent, the Cat will fiddle with a piece of yarn or an object. The Cat will give out a big Hiss, whenever Lee will get mad.  And it makes more sense you see it. The camera will always zoom in to the cute cat. Otherwise this fight and the film is pretty serious toned, I always caught me off guard the many times I will see the fight. In the finished product of the film, the Cat scenes was fully finalized. And part of that reason probably has to do with the expense of the film… At the time this was the most expensive film with a Chinese studio.

The cutie im alluding to is right here...

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