Cat Music…. for Cats

To think that before all the hype, and years that went by with Youtube… They were really small. Before the videos had a time limit of 15 min max. People made videos for fun, now its just a job. A decade later you can now tune in to 2 hour videos of music for your Cat…..

Youtube is all the craze right now. What with people becoming celebrities out of it, making decent to making millions of dollars from Youtube alone. Making headlines good and or bad, Nowadays the unlimited amount of alternative videos you can see on there is amazing. I could go all day naming the cool ones, But one that sticks out are the many playlists of soothing music for a house hold Cat to listen to. I guess…. If your Cat is having trouble going to sleep, or maybe you want it to go to sleep. Theirs videos  where you can see just that. A day in school, work, or sleep can be spent even better knowing that your cat is fasten to sleep with no problem. Cats are like babies. Hairy babies. And even toddlers have apps, and TV shows where they can tune in to watch. At the same time, these are some little tunes you as a pet owner can listen to. Theirs no specific music a Cat HAS to listen to. This post serves as a shoutout. To the many creators making videos helping out other people. But like I mentioned, check out the music yourself. Give them a thumbs up. Check out some specific music you think your cat will love. Have it develop a taste of music. Maybe your cat likes classical?

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  1. Does Carter have a favorite type of music to lull him to sleep? Mom doesn’t often have music playing at my house. I’ll have to tell her to download some soothing music for my catnaps! Mew Mew! Thanks for the tip!

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