Cat SHOUTOUT: A Cat is a Cat that know’s how to Swing….


Just when you though that “Everybody wants to be a cat” was perfect, you then start to listen to the many covers of the song…..

A song Originally from the the hit animated film “The Aristocats”. The film Aristocats came out in 1970. Which is considered by most as some of the darker days for animated features for Disney as franchise. When decades before every animated film made alot of money, Disney found themselves coming up with Animated films, but not making the money they once were making. But Nonetheless, Aristocats is still well known and a classic to many people. Generations and generations after growing up with the film, and the many songs that come from it. One specific song that is the most popular in this Cat populated film is “Everybody wants to be a cat”.

The film itself stars talking cats and Jazz (anything you can love). So this song really does the genre justice. Enough about the film though, this is a shoutout to the many great covers you can find on the internet. One specific cover that I liked was from……  “Dimie Cat – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat”. Link inserted right there. Youtuber that uploaded the song is named Wiremux… link also inserted for your pleasure.  Its always great to see diffrent talents, and a variety of genres and different takes of other great things.

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