Cat Shoutout: Sunny in Phil/ Cat on wall

No truer words have ever been spoken….

A shoutout to one of my favorite shows of all time. Sunny in Philadelphia, Created in 2005 with originally a simple story about messed up friends with a budget less than 100 in its debut. This show is the perfect “Anti show”. A show where a decade has passed, and each and every character devolves more and more into madness and everyone around them. Theyre all so irresponsible, but they have charm to them.

A show about humor, but not just any humor but Black/Dark Comedy. Comedy that specializes on anything crude and mean spirited. Nothing good or positive comes of this show…. But thats where the charm comes. Show based around 4 guys and one girl, but they managed to throw in great quotes and scenes on Cats. This such scene is set on a episode where the girl of the group (Dee Reynolds) has a bit of a cat problem. Theirs inside her wall hanging out and disrupting her peace time. In comes one of the more crazier character (Charlie Kelly) who tries to help her out…. by tying cats on ropes to lure the cats inside to the outside. All heck goes loose of course. But such quotes stick out…. “Cats do not abide by the laws of nature” and “Cat on the wall”. Both equally hilarious. But the first quote…. Not its totally understandable. Cats are really strange creatures…

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