Cats are so popular in Human History

Today, cats are not only your home pet, they have also become a media star. We can easily find cats in all media; for example, advertising, movies, social media, games and news. The cat is one popular element in media. So,in human history, how is the popularity of cats in human life?

Picture from House Cat

First of all, Cats became well-known because of mice problems.

Before Cats became pets, no one knew how humans and cats built up their connection. When people found out cats could help to get rid of mice, they were domesticated and started being treated as pets. In ancient Egypt, people traveled with their cats to Europe, Greece, and Rome. This is when cats became well-known. Moreover, people even setup laws for cats. Around 100 AD, England had a law mentioned that if people killed a cat, they would end up dead for the punishment.

Furthermore, cats grew more and more involved in human lives.

We all know that Egyptians had cat mummies in their tombs and cat decorations at home, but still more evidence show the popularity of cats in human history.

cats mummy

Through the history, we can find a lot of painting about cats in the whole world, maybe the media cat started art.

Here are some early paintings of cats. We can tell, in the early century, artists were getting better at demonstrating the demeanor and form of the cat.

Egypt mural of cat

Cats in the Garden by Mao Yi China

Cats in the Garden, by Mao Yi, ( China, 12th century)

The Unexpected Guest by Horatio Henry Couldery England

“The Unexpected Guest” by Horatio Henry Couldery (England, 1832–1918)

Kuroki Neko by Hishida Shunsō Japan

Kuroki Neko by Hishida Shunsō ( Japan, 1874 – 1911 )

The Cat's Lunch by Marguerite Gérardv France

The Cat’s Lunch by Marguerite Gérardv ( France, 19 Century)

Then, people started using text to show their love of cats, and books about cats were trends to be one of the hot topics.

Djibi, the Kitten (German: Djibi das Kätzchen) by Felix Salten, (German, published 1945, translated into English in 1946)

The Cat Who Thought He Was A Tiger by Polly Cameron (United States, published 1956)

Kitten for a Day by Ezra Jack Keats (United States, published 1974)

Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes (United States, Published in 2004)

Casper the Commuting Cat by Susan Finden (United Kingdom, published August 2010)

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen(United Kingdom, published September 2010-2016)

Because of the effective growth of cats’ popularity, people recognized that cat is a nice element to add into commercials and catch audiences’ attentions.From then on, cats started to become part of our commercial.

At the beginning, commercials with cats were just for cute and funny stuff in order to get more attention; however, by the power of cat brought to the profit increment, cats seem to get involved in more and more areas in advertisements. We saw cats show up in commercials about medicine, cleaning products, food, supermarket ads, soda, painting tools; of course, cat food and pet services. Moreover, we can even see cats in big business ads nowadays.

Cats started to be part of car commercials.

From all this we can tell that cats are deeply involved in human lives; perhaps more now than ever before. Now, cats are really part of our daily lives and bring us huge goodness. Cats are now part of curing patients in hospitals for the special group of people, and they are widely participated in transmitting positive messages. This is a video for transferring a message about care and share love with others from a child love association.

Even more, they even be part of the political session.

The United Kingdom historically had cats as part of the official resident of the Prime Minister since 1515. Larry is the one becomes famous during the reigning time of the previous prime minister, David William Donald Cameron. It is the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office which duty is catching all the mice in the Prime Minister Office. However, as a mice catcher, Larry seemed to forget its job and being too lazy to be fired. Fortunately, Larry has shown a nice and cute impression to the public since the first day, so the public strongly insisted that they want Larry to back to the seat. Therefore, Larry got back its job even though it barely did its duty.

Even more well known, are the cats in social media. Social media started for people to share their daily life and make friends during the internet. Later, people started sharing their pets on their social media, and now this developed to people created social media accounts for their pets, so they can more precisely posting and sharing their pets. This is how our social media cat superstars come up.

Grumpy Cat, a cat famous with a grumpy face. Her feline dwarfism and an underbite make her face always look angry and annoying.

Spangles, also become famous because of the face. People remember him of special cross-eyed, names as the cross-eyed kitty.

Oskar the Blind Cat This is about Oskar & Klaus. Oskar is a blind cat and Klaus is the cat missing an ear.

So far, we have seen a long history with full evidence show the great popularity about the cat in human lives. Cats popularity has been through couple centuries and from some countries spread to the whole world, from small pieces to deeply into our daily lives. Now, we can see cats are everywhere, and more and more people get addicted into cat’s fascination.

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