Cats: Are they smarter than Dogs?


Cats and their memories are hundreds times more powerful than that of a dogs…. But they have a lower social IQ. So who’s smarter?

So Cats have a lower social IQ, but that does not exactly mean that theyre “Dumber” than dogs. Dogs are meant to protect their owner no matter what. They’re totally dependent on their owners, so they’ll have to be social butterflies. Any Cat Owner will tell you )from the many scars, and metal scars) that Cats are… different. They’re social but on a different scale.  But what they lack in Social IQ, they have in “Memory pills”. “Almost 200 times more retentive”.  Without proper and repetitive amount of training, Dogs have pretty short memory spans. Its been proven that Cats can…. Pull off perfectly executed schemes and solve mazes and puzzles. I personally had a Cat for around 8 years. My whole childhood I spent with my cat. And I can recount the many times he would show “Hatred” towards me many times. Its as if he will hold personal grudges on people. About the same time limit as any annoying sister. One moment they like you, the other moment they’re reliving the moments when you “Backstabbed” them or did something to offend them. Cats also show moments of “Favoring” humans.  Cats also share or recount memories from their past roots. Cats are huge hunters. They will also capture any prey, down to the way they pee similaur to how a cat in the wild will do it


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  1. Oh yes, we are smarter than dogs! I think doggies have tend to have attention deficit. Mom only has to show me something once and I know what to do. Kitties are the smartest creatures on earth! Mew Mew!

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