Cats: The real life Vampire

Did you know that the house hold cats go from centuries? Fun Fact, Did you also know that Carter The Cat actually spoke? But he’s a different fact, Cats sleep 70 percent of their lives….



Cats have what it called Crerepuscula. Cats are mostly up during Dusk and Twlight hours. Thats something to think about the next time you see your pet cat. Cats save up all their energy to hunting, and walking about at night. They save up their energy to protect the home theyre in. Lets not forget that Lions arent the “Big Epic” fight machines they make them out in movies. They sleep all the time, theyre only awake to kill or to mate.  Their long periods of time that theyre asleep, is also affected by the type of diet they have. Crepuscula doesnt only affect Cats, its show in many animals. By definition its meant the same exact thing… Animals who are awake mainly on nighttime.

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  1. I keep telling my human that it is natural for me to be up at night. It is her sleep schedule that is bonkers! I think humans should adjust their schedules around us cats. Tee hee hee.

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