Fritz The Cat: The Original South Park…. And Furries film


Fritz the Cat, The first X-Rated Animated film. Behind all the pornographic scenes, the drug filled animation, and crude humor, behind it is a very strong social commentary, some true till this day. Commentary on Race, Cop abuse, Americans obsession with Drugs,  Sex, Violence, and a need to always have fun. To top it off, it even points out the funny negative stereotypes we see with Millennials, and the ignorance with people who suffer from closeted racism/Hate……

the Cat was a comic based by Arthur Crumb, and was later adapted by Ralph Bakashi. I could’ve easily talked about Felix The cat, The Silent Era Cartoon that’s JUST as influential and moving. But I wanted to talk about Fritz the Cat. Being the first X rated cartoon, its no surprising to see why it’ll so talked at the time. Film which help helm the way for future Raunchy Cartoons like…. South Park, Family Guy, Rick and Morty and even the Simpson.

Although big at the time, original creator Crumb did NOT like Bakashi’s portrayal of his series. Regardless of how big it was.  Being the very vulgar, and cruel cartoon that it was made for some complications behind the scene. A lot of the staff members wanted out.  one such cartoonist was put off, having to draw a Black Crow (Parody on the racist Jim Crow Laws) shooting a Pig police man. And other cartoonists not having to want to explain to their kids what exactly that they do for a living. A lot of the humor were things like this. Cruel and harsh and perverted things to build shock humor. Evidently the reception for this…. A lot was bad. But a lot of critics gave positive reviews. Praising its genius, and breakthrough idea and animation.  Majority of people can see this and be turned off immediately. But theirs something in things like this, that attracts people. Humans like to see things “They shouldn’t see”. People like danger, “The car crash you can’t look away from”. All in all, theirs something great about Fritz. Easily this could’ve been mediocre, But theirs a sense of effort, and thought in this. Nothing “Groundbreaking” but good entertainment.

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