From Cat Toys to Cat Video Games

Do you feel headache about finding a nice cat toy for your cat? Do you know which is the best cat toy? Do you know why cat toys are so important?

Let’s start with cat’s playing activities.

Some people might think “play” is only talking about kitty but not the adult cats; however, “playing” this action is a huge benefit for all cats equally! Playtime is one of the essential moment for your cat. Cat loves playing as well as they love sleeping, and you know how long they sleep for a single day!

Cats are born as an inner predator although they don’t look like that. They have the excellent agility and stretch ability. Their body are very soft, and their paws are the great tool helping them adjust the degree of force. Therefore, cats can easily climb up and jump down, across through big gaps, and keep a nice balance. All these actions seem to be so easy for cats; in fact, cats are not always born with their abilities. They usually get improvement through playing. Yes, playing. When cats are playing, rolling, capturing, chasing and hunting are the most common action, and they are very helpful for cats to develop their activity abilities and flexible level.

So,  which is the best cat toy? Or, more precisely, which is good for your cat?

Well, let’s talk about cat toys in general first.

We all know that cats love mouse toy which looks like this:


and also, later people invented more and more different cat toys.

Feather Wand, an old fashion cat toy but still work really well.

Another update looking:

Bergan, this seems to be the most popular one. If you don’t want your cat to destroy your furniture by milling their nails, this is a good choice for you.


Yarn ball, is also one of the most famous cat toys, but I think it’s kind of old style. Maybe it only works well in your grandma’s generation.

Play Toy Box, looks like a toy that tease cats; in fact, it a cat toy that highly trains cat reaction ability.

Laser Pet Toy, create a movable red spot to attract cats to follow. It helps us to catch the funniest cats looking.


Cat Tree, a combination cat toy seems to really powerful. includes Bergan, Play Toy Box and yarn ball.

Furthermore, when feeding cats, cat toys make cats more enjoyable and positive. I am not talking about let cats playing around their cat food, I mean food puzzles is a good way to let you cat become joyful and healthier while they are eating. In the article “Cats Are Happier and Healthier When You Make Them Work for Their Food,” research from the University of California at Berkeley point out that increase the difficulty for cat to get the cat food is very beneficial.

Image from Trixie/YouTube

Because of all the benefit about cat toy, people start coming up more creative ideas about how to let their cats play better. So, people started trying to get a way to have fun with their cats. They started “helping” their cat to play games in different devices.


Then, people let their cats to video games by themselves. If you search YouTube, you will see a lot of videos of this topic.


So, video games that design for cats come up. They are all basic on the regular cat toys that I mentioned before, and I think these cat video games should call “digital cat toys.”

Game for Cats

Crazy Cat

Paint for Cats

Cat Playground


Then, a series of cat video games get more and more popular.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector, this is one of the most popular cat video game in Japan and China. People get addicted about this cute game. Player are the owner of the this back yard, and they need to use different cat toys to attract cats to come to the yard and play. In addition, there is a collection of all the cats; which you can take photos about them and build up a profile about each one.


In the future, there will have a video game that we can play an role as a cat in the game. The game names HK. It offer PC version, perhaps also PS4 and Xbox. It might take couple years to be display in the market, but I believe a lot of people are willing to wait. Below are some images and video about the game. Take a look.


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Finally, There’s a Video Game Where You Can Play As a Cat


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