Garfield without Garfield= Gold


What happens when you take away the one and only Garfield away from his own Comic? The result is something much more discomforting, dark, and sad….Garfield Minus Garfield is what its called, and it was created by Dan Walsh back in 2008. Dan Walsh is a technology manager, and although he said he never created the idea he brought popularity to the whole Garfield minus the cat. By simply removing him from photo manipulation, the end result is Jon Arbuckle sinking to a deep depression and loneliness in fact the websites bio info describes it as….”a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.” All the original panels from the Garfield panels, but telling a much different story. A man talking to his cat, but everything being in his head. It’s a somewhat simplistic change, but a strong one. I personally found out about it maybe a 2 years ago, but still its relevant today. Garfield originally features a fun loving comic, eliminating him from that creates a much more raw and realistic comic. After minutes of just reading them back and forth, discomfort (at least or me) changes. You somehow become aware and accept it as part of the charm. Definitely a read, and If you’re curious (You should!) and want to read link is below. And please everyone should read them. Garfield for decades were always read in newspapers, why not give it a try online?

PS. The original Garfield cartoonist (Jim Davis) loves and praised the comic. What more can we get?

Link to website featuring the comic

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