HK Video Game: Play as a Cat

Secretly, everybody in the world has thought about being a Cat. At least once…..

Deep down in our hearts, being a Cat always seemed Friggin awesome. I mean for Christ sakes, The Aristocrats film dedicated a whole song about how great it is to be a Cat and how we should feel bad.Now that I think about it… Cat’s will make kickass superheroes. Emo and Brooding like The Batman, Agile like Black Panther, Able to leap tall Chairs in a single bound like Superman.


They can Vomit Projectile like Hairballs into the chests of their enemies. Tie up baddies with Yarn (Laser Pointers and H20 being their kryptonite). Call up Hollywood, Because I think we have something here #trademarked #catman.

With that said, As much as we all would love to see a Gritty Hero Cat film Directed by yours truly….. PLAYING as a Cat in a video Game will be JUST as good.  If we can already play as a Blue Hedgehog with a concerning fetish for bestiality and Gold Coins, then surely we can play as a house cat.  HK is a video game in early development that does just that. Hailing from France and developed by just two guys, this game seems to aim at simply playing said animal. But unlike most popular games where you play as Anthropomorphic characters, this is going for a more realistic portrayal representation of cats. From early footage, we can see that you play as Cat and solve puzzles, and move from point A to Point B. Seeing the world in the view point of a loose Cat in a city.  So similar to Uncharted and Prince of Persia, but with the tension and danger of an animal with paws. Not much is known, but it involves robots as background A.I (Possibly enemies) and takes place in the future in a somewhat Dystopia world. But what makes it stand apart from others, is how beautiful the city actually looks. This is using the Unreal 4 Engine, which makes for very breathtaking and realistic visuals. Reminds me of Blade Runner.  Like I Said, its very early and won’t come out in maybe 2 years or more. With games like this, the longer they take the better.  Hopefully HK fans or sponsors won’t breath down their necks and push them for a much earlier release. This will be coming out for the PC and possibly (Hopefully) consoles like PS4, XBOXONE etc.

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