Is Tom and Jerry Genius?


Everybody remembers Tom and Jerry. One of the first interpretation of the whole Cat versus Mouse in animated form. Debuting all the way back to 1940, This was the first to spawn many cat and mouse type of animated shows. But theirs a deeper meaning to it…

It means something, that decades later countless of generations go by growing up with this series. I always loved this series growing up. It had all the fun that me my siblings grandparents or parent can enjoy (Tom was my favorite). original only had about 100 plus episodes. With its success also came many reboots, and films down the road. Tom and Jerry Kids being one of the more popular revamped show. (Quick fact, My Cat actually looked like Tom a little)

But today I am going to be talking about the why Tom and Jerry was not only great, but genius. But this argument is perfectly said by The Nostalgia Critic. A Youtuber who critiques films, commercials and shows in his own unique way. He inserts humor, skits and parodies into his videos. This time around covering the likes of Tom And Jerry. He mentions the timeless element to it. But also mentioning the Slap stick humor being done to perfection. Mastering what slap stick humor is all about. Capturing the misery, emotion, hard hitting violence we all love about the genre. Even the little things… Like Tom the Cat speaking actual English at times. Having a deep mature voice even though being a house cat. Jerry a mouse out smarting an animal with supposedly a bigger brain. Something also that should be pointed out is how the many “cries” and whaling we hear whenever a character is hurt, they don’t always sound like an animal. Which also ads to the humor

But I digress….. Heres the link  To the full 13.00 minute video. One for all ages. Whether you like the show, animation, or you’re a stand up comedian… Its just a great analyst and breakdown of our culture. We as a society are always so desensitized with just pleasure and the future we don’t stop to appreciate and think on the past.  Being grateful, turning our brains ON once awhile to have deep talks. I’m no better, I’m definitely a victim of just being all blissful from ignorance. Hopefully you can become a fan of Doug Walker’s (Nostalgias Critic)  videos, Papa Bless you all!

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