Cats and Rap: Go together like Barbie and Ken

Meow the Jewels is a Hip Hop album that came out in 2015. From the duo by the name of Run the Jewels. Rap instrumentals solely on cat sounds….This hidden gem of an album really is a remix of to their original album Run by the Jewels 2. Best part this time around, is the replacement of all instrumentals with every and any sound imaginable that a Feline Cat makes. Theirs countless of different versions of their purrs, growls, hisses etc. All a bunch of sounds that’ll escape people familiar with cats or not.


In general, this album has positive to average reviews.  The backstory to this, was that fans basically asked for this absurd remix album. An idea that was brought up by the Duo (Run the Jewels) that was made to happen when Money was funded by fans themselves. 60,000 of the promised 40,00 was made. As a result, the album was made and the money sent to charity.

Bunch of producers worked on this, Including…. Dan The Automater, The Alchemist, Prince Paul, Just Blaze etc Overall giving this album a very distinct very fun sound. Normal something like this can fail or not even having chemistry, But it didn’t. It all fitted together in a unique way. Something like adding “Cat sounds” could’ve felt forced otherwise, but did not. The cat sounds felt natural, organic. I Found myself listening to this album several times on repeat in the train. At first the cat sounds are hilarious. But quickly, you start to forget their cats. They become just as badass. The same feeling you’ll get otherwise in any other song. They become instruments, you start to enjoy the album for what it is. The story it tells. You appreciate the amount of skill and effort it took for these artists to do this.

When it comes down to it, Hip Hop roots is so vast and there’s so much depth, even if you don’t like hip hop, one can at least appreciate its rich history. Origins of Hip Hop that goes back decades with… “Spoken words, poetry, dance hall rock, and even Jazz.  Hip Hop is a result of all this, and to its core it has evolved into a creature with a sense pride and coolness. A rise in confident level that is very distinctive in the culture.

Its not surprising how fitting RAP meshes well with a feline cat. What better Rap King, than a House Cat. Cats never submit to their owners, in fact they were once hailed as Almighty centuries ago. Yet, similar to any rapper, cats can be misinterpreted as Evil, overly confident. Hell, Hundreds of years ago they’ve been deemed as “Spawns of Satan” by the Pope himself.

But I digress, any fan of Hip Hop or Cats should listen to this album. I’m not really critiquing the album, but instead showing support for the idea behind it. I think we as a society we ignore the value in little things. How “Crowd funding”, MONEY from fans pockets, can show support to a small idea like this. And skillful artists can take that idea, and spread it into art. Anything in the world can be taken for granted, but with effort you could really see how deep it can go.  Something as simple as Cat sounds, can be stretched into an album. And be organic enough we’re it fits perfectly. Cats in general look like normal  animals…. But theyre really trippy, and fascinating creatures when you think about it. Able to survive falls from long flights.  The millions of sounds they make. Same with Hip Hop.  Quality in music has been up and Down. People take advantage to the popularity, you tend to see music with little effort (But a lot of money) put in and become successful. Nowadays they all look the same and disposable. Its much harder, to put in effort into looking at the smaller things. Seeing alternative groups that DO make music. The “Underground” side of music. We forget the fact that Hip Hop goes back to the 70s, and even the 60s.

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