Popes, Cats and The Black Plague

He Raped, He Raved, and he was the result of mass killings of Cats. Ladies and Gents give it up for the Black Plague!!!…..


Centuries and Centuries Ago The Cat were once deemed as Holy and Worshiped in Ancient Egypt. Injuring one or even killing one called for extreme punishment. The Bastet at the time being the Goddess (Half Woman half feline) worshiped and an ancient Egypt religion followed by people. But that wasn’t always the case…. At one point Cats were seen as not only unlucky, but straight up Creatures from the depths of Hell.

Throughout times we’ve had a lot of Douchebag Popes, but none as shameless and pompous as Pope Benedict The IX. This schmuck served 3 terms, being kicked off twice, except from one time, where after serving one year sells his papacy to his Godfather. Making it the first time that’s ever been done. His Pretentiousness goes back to when he was born. Nephew of two Popes and born from a wealthy family, He was handed the Role of Pope by his father at the ripe age of 20. Making him the youngest Pope ever. As the Pope, he perpetrated multiple Rapes, Murder, and Adultery. And held regular Orgies at the Papal Palace. If that wasn’t enough The Pope claimed (For some reason) that all Cats were evil and satanic animals. Naturally religious people followed through and went on a rampage to kill every and any Cat they come about seeing. Which resulted in not only a decline in Cats but enhanced the number of Rats. Which helped spread diseases and especially The Black Plague… One of the worst epidemics in human history.

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