The House Cat is older than you think…


We’ve had Cats for centuries. Wild Cats going all the way back to Saber Tooth times etc. But The house Cat is something different. Today I will be reminding you all about the History (But brief) of The domesticated Cat….


Domesticated Cats go back over 10,000 years ago. I’ve mentioned countless times on the importance Cats served in time. How they were somewhat involved with The Black Plague, The Vatican, and with a ton of media stuff you see till this day. To add to that, From looking at cat skulls that were buried with other humans(Light years ago), We were able to determine them as Felis sylvestris (The African Cat). This type of Cat shares alot of similarities with the household cat we see today. More so, The African Cat are obviously great hunters, have great eye sight in the dark, and mostly are awake during the night to prey. All factors normal for any member of the cat family.


There has also been DNA studies that showcased the idea that The african Wildcat is split from the European Wildcat from evolution over 100,000 years ago. Sepereated from the Asian WildCat a few hundreds years  after the European Cat.  As I said, this cat shares alot of similarities with a domesticated Cat. With that said, A domesticated can carry a baby that of a Wild Cat. Theirs no drastic risk of domesticated cat losing the baby, which usually happens with cross species, or just Wild animals mating outside of the norm.

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