Monkeys aren’t the only ones who prefer to climb- Tamika

Carter the CatDog

Cats prefer vertical space. Many Cat Parents do not acknowledge this which is a bit unfortunate, and can easily be achieved. By nature, cats are predators and prey which is something to keep in mind with your house cat. They prefer to
 climb up into high places, so that they can better keep watch of their environment from a topographic view. Try shopping for furniture which satisfies this need. By doing a simple search, you may find items that blend in with your choice of taste, adding to the decor in your home. Set up a few shelves or buy a cat tower. You will see just how rewarding vertical space can be for your cat.

2 Replies to “Monkeys aren’t the only ones who prefer to climb- Tamika”

  1. That is so true, Carter! And you look great up high on that perched! I love my tall cat tree, being on counter tops, on top of the refrig & table. It allows me to be up & off the floor from the D-O-G & to observe/converse with my humans at or above their eye level.

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