Are Cats Really Drinking Water from Water-Tap?

Have fun! Cat and Water-Tap!

Every time I see a cat put her/his paw in water then lick it, or directly put the head under the water-tap; there’s a question that jumps from my mind. Are they really drinking water or playing?

Well, Carter, our CatDog, seems to give me the answer of this question. He is so concentrated on the water and organized to finish his drinking process. (1,2,3,4, puts the paw to water, 5,6,7,8, tongue licks water, seems great; keep going on).

Even though this looks like he’s playing with himself (maybe water?). Who knows how he can keep the nice balance that not to fall down by standing on water? And I bet he’s the one who opened the water-tap. Of course, I know Carter has his own style to dry his paw so he can pretend he never drank from the water-tap.


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